Welcome to the Surrogacy Advisory Group 

The Surrogacy Advisory Group is a non-profit organisation which was established by a group of volunteers who recognised the need for assistance, support, and guidance for persons undergoing the surrogacy process. The Surrogacy Advisory Group connects surrogate mothers to intended parents as an altruistic and free service. The Surrogacy Advisory Group’s aim is to raise awareness and education about surrogacy in South Africa. 


In addition to offering advice on surrogacy, the Surrogacy Advisory Group acts to promote and protect the interests and rights of both commissioning parent/s and surrogate mothers. 

A surrogate is a woman who carries a baby on behalf of future parents who are medically unable to do so or parent/s who are gay, heterosexual, transgender or agender. As a surrogate mother you will indicate your preference of parent/s to us. 

Whether you are an intended parent or surrogate mother, the volunteers at the Surrogacy Advisory Group will hold your hand and support you throughout this exciting and life-changing experience

Altruistic surrogacy is legal in South Africa. It is governed by a complex set of legal, medical and ethical guidelines that can be overwhelming at first glance. However, it is a wonderful and deeply satisfying experience built on mutual respect, partnership and teamwork. A complex but rewarding process. 

Surrogacy Advisory Group is here to help you, a free service offered to all women and men in South Africa by a team of people with both personal and professional experience of infertility and surrogacy. We will provide you with free support and advice as well as referrals to our well-established network of top medical, legal and psycho-social surrogacy professionals. 

The Surrogacy Advisory Group and its volunteers do not represent that, any potential surrogate mother or parent to be, is in fact suitable mentally, or medically fit to proceed with the process. The respective doctors and psychologists will make these assessments separately for the cost of the intended parent. As a non-profit organisation that offers our services for free, we cannot carry the costs of such assessments. Our role is to educate, inform and support parents to be and potential surrogate mothers, and to facilitate introductions to a network of professionals who will undertake the assessment process according to their professional fee. 

Surrogacy is an enormous commitment on many levels and we will help you navigate your way through the maze so that you feel informed, committed and supported at all times.


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