Do I qualify to act as a surrogate mother?

Legally, you need to have at least one living child of your own. You need to be medically fit and healthy and you need to be psychologically stable. You will be medically assessed by a fertility specialist and psychologist. 

Will they use my eggs/genetic material?

No, this form of surrogacy otherwise known as a Traditional Surrogacy is seldom, if ever practised nowadays.

The most common form of surrogacy is Gestational Surrogacy, whereby the eggs and sperm are provided by the commissioning parents (or an anonymous or known donor if the commissioning parent is unable to produce eggs/sperm).


Do I have to find my own surrogate mother?

Either you can find your own surrogate, or we will assist you. 

Do I meet the surrogate?

Yes, it is very important to have a relationship with your surrogate as you will be walking this journey together.

Do surrogate mother’s benefit financially from the surrogacy process

No. In terms of the Children’s Act, surrogacy can only be done for altruistic (selfless) reasons and not for commercial gain. This means that you may claim for any expenses that are directly related to the surrogacy/pregnancy and you may claim for loss of income. The commissioning parents will cover the cost of a medical aid/hospital plan for the duration of your pregnancy/birth, including a few months post-partum.

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